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From LA to NYC: The USA Cat Cafe Roundup

From LA to NYC: The USA Cat Cafe Roundup


It seems like only yesterday we ignorant Americans were scratching our heads at this question: What exactly is a cat cafe? Well! Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple years, we are now well aware of (and envious of towns that contain) the ubiquitous cat cafe. Regardless if you've never been to one, or if you have a standing weekly reservation - we present to you our US list - which hopefully contains a cat cafe near you!

For an up to date directory of all the United States cat cafes, check out our complete US Cat Cafe Directory!

 - Oakland, CA


America's first cat cafe, Cat Town has already adopted out 139 cats so far - in 2016 only! Their cats are from Oakland Animal Services and focus on adopting out shy, skittish, and otherwise at-risk kitties.

KitTea - San Francisco, CA

Working with San Francisco-based Wonder Cat Rescue, KitTea's website boasts 115 cats adopted out since June of 2015.

Blue Cat Cafe - Austin, TX


According to their website, Blue Cat Cafe was partially designed by "cat-ification" expert Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther and features a full Tex Mex menu.

Meow Parlour - New York City


In addition to adorable, adoptable kitties, Meow Parlour also boasts cute cat-themed cookies!

Cats here are from Kitty Kind and admission is just $5 for 30 minutes of kitty cuddle time. Meow Parlour is also New York City's first cat cafe.

Purringtons Cat Lounge - Portland, OR

This cat cafe features a Portland staples - craft beer and wines! They also have a weekly Purr yoga class and a Meow-vie night. Purringtons works with Cat Adoption Team of Sherwood, OR.

Meowtropolitan - Seattle, WA


What better city for combining coffee and cats than Seattle? Keeping 10-15 adoptable cats on premise from RASKC, as well as a few "resident" kitties, Meowtropolitan is sure to keep you coming back for more cuddles. They also donate a portion of their sales to rescues and local shelters.

Denver Cat Company - Denver, CO


Denver Cat Co. is a woman-run cat company (girl power!) that features around 8 adoptable cats at any given time. They host "Arts & Cats" painting classes where patrons can paint cat portraits while sipping a tasty beverage. Charging just $5 per visit, DCC is one of the least expensive cat cafes in the US!

The Cat Cafe - San Diego, CA


Aptly named, The Cat Cafe features adoptable cats and a variety of coffee beverages. They work with the San Diego Humane Society and average about 2 cats adopted each week! Not only can you come visit in person, but you can also watch the Live Stream online!

Crumbs & Whiskers - Washington, DC

Charging $15 for a 75-minute visit, Crumbs & Whiskers is on the pricier side for cat cafe reservations. However you can opt to spend the entire day there for only $35. They also have a pretty well-curated shop and offer yoga classes as well. All adoptions are through Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation of Arlington, VA.

Koneko Cat Cafe - New York City


Billed as America's first Japanese-style cat cafe, Koneko (which means "kitten" in Japanese) offers not only a gang (20+) of adoptable cats (through Anjellicle Cats Rescue - they also work with City Critters and K9 Kastle), but also boasts beer, wine, sake, and artisanal Japanese treats for [human] consumption! Admission is $15 per person per hour and they offer all kinds of extracurriculars including movie screenings, cooking classes, and Japanese language classes.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe - Brooklyn, NY

Of course we have to represent our home turf!

After successfully running a temporary pop up cafe, Brooklyn Cat Cafe opened a permanent location in May 2016 in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Cat adoptions are through Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. According to their website, they plan on hosting low-cost vaccine clinics, workshops on cat health, and movie nights, so Brooklyn stay tuned!

Did we miss a cat cafe in your neck of the woods? Tell us in the comments!

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