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Review: Pet Winery's 'KitTea' Catnip Tea Bags

Review: Pet Winery's 'KitTea' Catnip Tea Bags


One of our favorite cat retailers, Pet Winery, has a new product on the market - KitTea! These are literally teabags made from catnip and valerian root that you can brew up alongside your own human tea. Imagine that - now you really can do everything with your cat! Read on for the review.

One recent blustery NYC afternoon, we decided it was a perfect time to try out Pet Winery's new catnip infused teabags for cats. They may sound familiar because they also make one of the best things ever - wine for cats. Anyway, since it wasn't QUITE 5 o'clock, we figured tea was the way to go. First of all, let me point out that the packaging is pretty adorable and the lid of each tin comes with a "Cat Wisdom" quote. Kinda like those feel-good quotes that come on your human tea bag:


I was provided a free sample in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions here are my own [and my cat's!] and not influenced by the company in any way.

Before the lid even came off, Thomas immediately knew something good was going down.

He’s in love.

He’s in love.

Once I opened the tin, the real fun started:


In true crazy cat lady style, I decided to have a cup alongside my cat, so I brewed some hot water and poured it into our mugs:


Let it brew for 3 minutes:


And then tossed the catnip teabag since clearly Thomas was more interested in that than anything:


Here's where I would make a recommendation. Since the KitTea was still cooling down (the packaging recommends cooling the water with an ice cube), it wasn't ready for Thomas to drink at the same time my tea was ready to drink. I'd suggest brewing your cat's tea beforehand so that it has time to chill down before drinking. Thomas got pretty intrigued by the ice cube:


...But he eventually tried some "tea":


It got kind of messy, but that was on me for doing all this on the work table in my kitchen (I should really know better by now!) All in all, it's an adorable idea for the ever-expanding cat luxury market. I will be redoing this experiment (and next time I'll have his ready before I make my tea!) - check out the Pet Winery website to snag some of your own and let us know how it goes!

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