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Introducing Mediterranean Gold's Cat Odor Eliminator, Or I Stuck My Nose In A Litter Box For The Sake Of Product Testing

Introducing Mediterranean Gold's Cat Odor Eliminator, Or I Stuck My Nose In A Litter Box For The Sake Of Product Testing


Do you love the smell of cat poop? If the answer is "NO!" (and I sincerely hope it is!), then read on to learn about Mediterranean Gold's cat odor eliminator.

The science behind Mediterranean Gold is that they have developed a fancy process to turn natural olive pits into absorbent activated carbon (aka, charcoal) - which absorbs odors, ethylene gas, and moisture.

Basically, the process turns the olive pit charcoal into a odor-absorbing powerhouse with 1 gram of the stuff equaling the same absorption area as a football field (!) ... this video explains it in more detail:

And as mega-cat lovers, they recognized that this technology could be used to eliminate litter box odors and so developed Mediterranean Gold. The product is produced in Cordoba, Spain, using 100% green technology. It is is an all-natural byproduct of olive production and completely non-toxic so - most importantly - it causes no harm to your fur children.


We recently got our paws (see what we did there?) on a bag of the stuff and were told that it absorbs all the odor from a smelly litter box. Skeptics that we are, we had to try it for ourselves. Immediately upon returning with our brand new Mediterranean Gold sample bag, the TCB resident feline Thomas, soiled his litter box as if to say, "YAY! You're home! Time to poo." And it was a doozy. So naturally it was time to give this stuff a whirl.

I opened the bag and sprinkled a bit on the fresh log (I know, this is getting graphic but hold tight!). I mixed the litter around a bit as instructed by the bag. I waited. I took a big whiff. Nothing. I leaned down closer to the litter box. I whiffed some more. Still nothing. I got my face entirely too close to the soiled litter box and still nothing. It was a gross process but I had to test it out for my loyal readers. Mediterranean Gold, you have gained a fan.


The science behind this product has produced endless odor-eliminating possibilities. In the works is the Food Saver, which is designed to be placed next to your produce and will prevent ripening:





and the Fridge Saver, which is much more effective than baking soda in eliminating fridge odors (save the baking soda for all those "thank you" cookies you're going to send us after trying this stuff out):








And lastly, Mediterranean Gold's goal as a company is to improve cat welfare worldwide. They support the Mediterranean Gold Cat Foundation, which is an international organization dedicated to saving cats lives in the US and Europe. Through a dedicated team of volunteers, the organization provides food and shelter to cats in need and promotes cat rescue and adoption. They also donate to animal shelters to support cat adoption and for every Mediterranean Gold product purchase, a portion of the proceeds is contributed to the MG Cat Foundation.

Adorable cat hanging out in an olive tree

Adorable cat hanging out in an olive tree

You can find Mediterranean Gold products on, Shop Rite, Foodtown, Kings, D'Agostino's, and Gristedes. If you are in the NJ area, they will be doing some product demos and giveaways at the following stores:

Dec 9th - Wakefern Demo / Aderdeen, NJ

Dec 10th - ShopRite Demo / Mercer Mall, NJ

Dec 11th - ShopRite Demo / Somerset, NJ

Dec 12th - Shoprite Demo / Piscataway, NJ

This is not a paid post (okay yes we received some free samples). We highly recommend this product for a happy nose!

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