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Check Out These Architect-Designed Cat Houses

Check Out These Architect-Designed Cat Houses


Attendees at this year's Architects for Animals "Giving Shelter" benefit had the chance to bid on these amazing architecturally sound cat houses. The benefit is held annually in Los Angeles, and the proceeds go toward FixNation, a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic that aims to control the population of stray and feral cats using the TNR program (Trap Neuter Return).

Per their website:

Architects for Animals plans one-night events that benefit organizations that help animals in need.  Participating architectural and design firms, as well as individual architects and designers, design build and donate creative outdoor shelters that provide animals with refuge from the elements.  At the events these shelters are put on display to the public and are then donated to organizations who work with needy animals.

This year's benefit debuted a slew of complex cat houses, each with its own design elements focused on - you guessed it - cats! These cat houses are probably more architecturally sound than our own homes, as they are created by some of the most renowned and successful architectural firms in the nation. See some of our favorites here:

The Fishbowl by Abramson Teiger Architects (a fan favorite):


The Cat-Γ -TΓͺte:


This Guggenheim-esque one by Lehrer Architects:


The "Guillotine" by Pfeiffer Partners Architects:


"String Theory" by RNL:


See more here. Do you think your cat would use these houses? Or would they favor the box it came in?

Image Credits: Architects For Animals

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