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10 Best Gifts For Millennial Cat Lovers

10 Best Gifts For Millennial Cat Lovers


Let's face it: cat ladies (and cat dudes) are everywhere this year, and they've never been trendier. Companies and makers are jumping on the bandwagon and it's the easiest time ever to shop for the cat lover in your life.

To help you in your quest, we've compiled a gift guide of our top 10 favorite cat themed gifts for the special millennial in your life.

1. Cat Study Mug from Anthropologie


For the cat AND coffee addict in your life, this cat mug is sure to delight! I also have to give a shout out to the artist, Leah Goren, who is Brooklyn-based (just like this blog).

2. Cat Hoodie from


Q: Would your cat wear this?

A: There's only one way to find out. Head over to the Rockin Dogs Cool Cats etsy store to grab one for your little lion!

3. Men's "Pizza Pie In The Sky" Cat Tee from ModCloth


Got a cat man in your life? This shirt combines his (likely) two loves - cats and pizza. Wear this one proudly, guys.

4. "Shake Cats" Book by Carli Davidson

Carli Davidson is a photographer who has made a book of her awesome photographs showing cats mid-shake. Your coffee table needs this.


Click the image to go to for a sneak a peek inside:

5. Cat Tongs from Urban Outfitters

Since it's almost time for New Year's Resolutions, maybe these will encourage you to eat more salad?


6. Space Cat Earrings from Etsy



7. Yoga Kittens Calendar from Amazon


Photographer Daniel Borris started with Yoga Dogs, then moved on to Yoga Cats and Yoga Kittens. He says, "They're not playing around, they're serious about their yoga." Buy at Yoga Kittens 2016 Small Wall Calendar

8. Fancy Cat Glass from Fishs Eddy


Is the cat fancy or is the glass fancy? I say it's a little of both. And if you need more cats, then get this glass too.

9. CATS print from


The letters C-A-T-S are filled with 50 cats. So meta. Clearly, you need this in your house.

10. Black Cat Purse from Meowingtons


Y'know, cat ladies aren't all flowered nightgowns and loneliness these days. This purse is for the most stylish cat lady you know. Rock that T. Gondii with pride!

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